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If you have a nightmare, all you need to do is to wake up and become free. The philosophies and scientific principles in this book can wake you up and change the course of your life. This book is meant to inspire the reader. Beginners can learn simple meditation techniques to observe breath and awareness and get firsthand experience of peace.

Advanced practitioners can delve into ancient Vedanta philosophy. Self-inquiry and affirmations are suitable for all for daily inspiration and guidance. Zero Is Infinity is also available through Amazon. Dynamic Spiritual Transformation Dynamic spiritual principles based on the life of a yoga master. Yogi Shanti Desai has been studying and practicing spiritual principles since he was a child in India.

Now, at the later stages of his life, he shares spiritual truths candidly, both those that he has followed with success, and shines a light on some of the misguided ideas being circulated in society in the name of spirituality.

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This book will guide the reader through a process of spiritual transformation and show him how to create a dynamic and balanced life. Dynamic Spiritual Transformation is also available through Amazon. The Secret of Bliss The Secret of Bliss gives direction on how to use the world with awareness and to transcend it to attain lasting bliss. It provides contemporary interpretation and application of ancient scriptures. The author draws revolutionary comparisons between the ancient scriptures of India and modern scientific thought to unravel the mysteries of our connection to the universe and the secret to tapping bliss.

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It features a Self Inquiry Quiz for introspection and simplified meditation techniques. The Secret of Bliss is also available through Amazon. Wisdom for Living In Wisdom for Living , Yogi Shanti Desai is inspired to delve into the ancient Yogic philosophies to further examine the journey to self realization. Each section contains short quotes and affirmations to make this inspirational book a joyful and effortless read. Wisdom for Living is also available through Amazon. Personal to Global Transformation This book is about Self-realization and personal transformation.

The book begins with a discussion on spiritual awakening, followed by a look at the awareness of self and the personal journey of transformation. Personal to Global Transformation is also available through Amazon.

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Dynamic Quantum Transformation This book shows the parallel of Vedanta teaching with modern quantum physics that validates ancient Vedanta teachings with scientific facts. The entire universe is an interconnection of consciousness and energy. We are the co-creator of our destiny. It teaches how to transform your life and create your own miracles. Dynamic Meditation for Living This book is a simplified version of meditation for laymen that can be used during normal activities.

It provides clarity and removes misconceptions about meditation.

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It is comprised of four sections, which include a beginner's introduction to meditation, three ancient classical philosophies, and seven meditation techniques based on classical Hindu tradition followed by practical instructions for application and guidance. Dynamic Balanced Living Dynamic life is to get the most out of life by learning to flow with life.

First one explores his primary and secondary goals and awakens inner potential. Then he balances all phases of life with efficiency to gain maximum benefits. He uses a dynamic approach in all situations and flows with life. Anyone who can think and breathe can achieve it. Self - I Me Mine Ours Illusions Yogi Shanti Desai explains the veils of illusion that cover the everlasting Self in a modern manner, giving the reader plenty of anecdotes, stories and examples to ponder. He gives many thoughts for introspection and meditation techniques to transcend cosmic illusions Maya.

It will help the spiritual seeker stay on the path. Reality Here and Now This book explains essential ancient philosophies of India in a simplified form. Yogi Shanti Desai, a master of yoga, distills the essence of Vedanta and Sankhya philosophy, and explains esoteric philosophical concepts in a modern manner. The book is so dense with knowledge, you may find yourself rereading areas and pondering their meaning to get full disclosure. Reality Here and Now is also available through Amazon.

It is an inspirational workout that can be viewed over and over again to gain depth of yoga practice. Meditation Practice Manual 2nd Edition This book focuses on the art and practice of meditation in a scientific way. Anyone can enhance the quality of their life through meditation. Practical guidance includes preparation, aids, obstacles and benefits of meditation.

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The topics of prayer, dream, death, faith, love and non-attachments are simplified. Originally published It gives instruction in preparation, rules, caution and benefits for practicing yoga.

It provides guidance for practicing daily routine. It also gives various breathing and cleansing techniques and introduces Kundalini Yoga. Yoga Holistic Practice Manual Want to know everything about yoga? Title: Yoga Holistic Practice Manual. Publisher: Shanti Yoga Institute Visit Seller's Storefront.

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