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Overview The 84 oracles were first published in They were intended for the experienced hand at divination, and have remained in widespread demand ever since. I hope this fully revised edition, which contains the same oracles but in less technical language, will appeal to those only now setting out to explore fortune telling.

After a quarter of a century in use, I believe their following justifies this major revision Apart from their plainer style, a new Summary and in-depth Conclusion now accompanies each oracle.

These replace the earlier and limited Notes, and explain even the smallest areas of interest. Together with extra and helpful background material in the first three chapters, I believe these sizeable additions will provide a more complete and user-friendly tool of divination.

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Finally, and on a purely technical note, the astrological aspects behind the oracles agree with the work of Aleister Crowley in his dictionary of correspondences, Liber vel Prolegomena Symbolica ad Systemam etc. Two of those correspondences were amended in his edition of The Book of Thoth. Fearing more hawk-eyed diviners will question my choice of attributions, I thought it safest to explain in advance. Product Details. Average Review.

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What Are Tarot Cards and How Do They Work?

The runes are a pan-European magical language. Its roots lie in the ancient pagan beliefs Its roots lie in the ancient pagan beliefs of our ancestors, who built many thousands of stones circles, long barrows and dolmens throughout ancient Europe.

These same symbols and techniques were used by View Product. Magic of the Northgate. Magic of the North Gate is a focussed look at magic that involves the body, Magic of the North Gate is a focussed look at magic that involves the body, the land, the living and the dead.

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Fortune-telling - Wikipedia

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