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After working with countless clients, Gemma said many have discovered a 'world of hidden joys' just from holding a piece of their possession.

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In some of my own clients, its led to a change of career,' she said. For those who want to get their life in order, I suggest the following:. What are you hoping to gain? Tidying using the KonMari Method and completing your own tidying marathon is a once off special event, as it changes you.

Go Green in 10 simple steps

PLAN: Make a plan. Set aside three hour blocks to tidy and put them in your diary. Create a list of all of your subcategories because it makes your tidying marathon tangible and manageable. TIP: When working on a category, start by tidying the easiest subcategory and work towards the hardest.

ENJOY: Tidying with the KonMari method is a joy-filled event, enjoy the journey and the unique and delightful ways your belongings bring you joy. According to Master KonMari consultant, the same method can be applied to your life - including your relationship, health, work and home. The importance of organising in a way which allows for ease of putting items away.

Connect each belonging to your ideal life i. Cleaning products - ask yourself, in an ideal world what cleaning products would be used in your home? Life-changing magic really does happen when the KonMari Method is applied correctly. Gemma said there are many items people stumble across that don't 'spark joy'. Gemma said using the KonMari method is important because it allows individuals to develop and progress in their own way.

Gemma became the first Australian to certified by Marie Kondo pictured together. Only doing one category: Commit, don't just tidy clothing, each and every belonging you own should be joy checked and given a home. It's a once in a lifetime activity, it resets your life. Not using enough boxes for storage: Put boxes inside other boxes and use small boxes - think of it as a game Tetris. Be specific when giving items home. Not being honest with themselves about if a item truly sparks joy: The same applies to all other aspects of life, food, careers, activities and relationships. Not connecting their belongings enough with their ideal life: It's helpful to ask, does this item enable me to live my ideal and best life?

How To Get UNSTUCK In Life! [In 4 Simple Steps!]

Not incorporating sentimental items into everyday life enough: Incorporating sentimental items into everyday life it can bring joy in delightful subtle ways. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Gemma shares her top five tips to KonMari your life 1. Commit and embrace your tidying journey 2.

For me, the second one definitely works better. As promised at the beginning, here is everything in a single GIF animation. Of course, these steps show a direction, not the ultimate recipe. So if you are interested in personas, feel free to explore the ideas of people who invented and developed this technique:. And how do you use personas in your work?

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    UX Collective. Make your personas great again in 7 simple steps. Less decoration — more data. A bonus GIF included. Slava Shestopalov Follow. Step 1. Remove visual effects A persona is a vivid, concentrated image of people: their motives, behaviors, and goals. Step 2. What else do we value?

    For me I valued freedom, and contribution, and challenge, and variety. That led me to leave a financially secure career law for one that many would consider risky entrepreneurialism and writing. But once I did I was much happier because my actions were in line with what I uniquely valued as an individual. It is really, really easy to get discouraged when we fixate on the rewards of our actions as the sole motivating force in our life. Also, rewards can seem unfair.

    We see in the media all the time examples of people who become rich and famous. This line of thought is a recipe for discouragement, and it is a sure-fire way to cause us to pull away from our unique purpose.

    A better way is to adopt a habit of focusing on our actions, not the rewards of our actions. When we live each day, excited to give our very best in what we can control our actions and our attitude we are able to live a life on purpose. If it very unlikely I would argue impossible to live a life completely on purpose without ever confronting fear. It is often our deepest desires that scare us the most. I have found that by doing what scares me, when it comes to what I believe is my purpose, I grow in complexity.

    I am happier, and I have a greater sense of personal fulfilment. If it scares me, it is likely that I should do it.

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    Mastery is long term. Mastery is hard. Mastery take hours and hours of mundane repetition and practice. Commit to mastery in the things that are uniquely you. Take the long view. You will also have much more of an impact on others. There are always people out there who are willing to help us, and many of them have tread the exact path that we are currently on.

    ‎Simple Steps Real Change on Empower Radio on Apple Podcasts

    Many of them have felt the same anxieties and fears that we feel. All we have to do is reach out to them. Find a way to add value to the mentor you are reaching out to. They will be glad to reciprocate your value by teaching you important things that will help you on your unique path. Sometimes mentoring comes in the form of books, articles, or speeches. Find whatever you can that helps you on your path.