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The study of the global television industry is a multidisciplinary field informed by analysis of the cultures and cultural contexts of the production, distribution, and consumption of the medium of television.

About the Series

Parks and Kumar film and media studies ; Ouellette communication studies ; Hall, et al. Volkmer is a handbook that addresses the diverse methodological approaches that reflect the multidisciplinarity of the field. Because the study of the global television industry remained largely nascent until the early s, and draws upon a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives, handbooks and associated reference works were slow to emerge even as important work pertinent to understanding the industry was being published.

However, the field is now sufficiently established that there are very useful edited collections with contributions from a substantial number of well-known scholars who populate the field. These handbooks tend to reflect the disciplinary roots and perspectives of their editors, even as individual scholars from vastly different disciplines share interest in particular subjects.

Hall, John R. Handbook of Cultural Sociology. New York: Routledge, A comprehensive overview of contemporary scholarship in sociology, communication, media studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, and international studies that focuses on the complex relations of culture to social structures in a global era. Contributions include cultural and social theory and developments central to the constitution and reproduction of culture, including media culture, such as power, technology, and the organization of work.

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Mansell, Robin, and Marc Raboy, eds. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, Edited collection that explores conceptual frameworks and new methodologies for mapping the contours of emergent global media and communication policy. Examines the local, national, regional, and global forums in which policy debate occurs. Ouellette, Laurie, ed. The Media Studies Reader. A collection of foundational essays and new writings that cover major theories and debates that have shaped domestic and global critical media studies from the s to the present. Topics include culture, technology, representation, industry, identity, audience, and citizenship.

Parks, Lisa, and Shanti Kumar, eds. An edited collection that provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly changing landscape of global television through contributions that explore cultural imperialism, nationalism, postcolonialism, transnationalism, ethnicity, and cultural hybridity. Its embrace of the history of television cultures counters the assumption that global television is merely a result of the current dominance of the West in world affairs.

Volkmer, Ingrid, ed. The Handbook of Global Media Research. An edited collection that explores competing methodologies in the field of transnational media and communications in order to provide insight into the challenges of research practice in a globalized media landscape. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page.

An Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he is the author or editor of more than 2 dozen books, several of which have been used for many years as course texts, including Film Genre Reader and Documenting the Documentary.

Our Schools & Mentors

His work has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, and he has lectured around the world on film and popular culture. Her research and publications are concerned with industrial, generic, stylistic and representational histories of Hollywood cinema. Scott Higgins is Charles W. His first book, Hollywood Vault: Film Libraries before Home Video University of California Press, , explored how the Hollywood studios exploited their old movies across new markets and technologies from the s through the s.

In addition to publishing about Hollywood history, Hoyt has been a leader in the enabling broad access to historical sources and building digital tools to help us better understand them. Hoyt leads the Media History Digital Library MHDL , which has scanned over 2 million pages of books, magazines, and trade papers related to film and broadcasting history.

Huelsbeck has twenty years of experience managing film, videotape, audio, photograph, manuscript, and three dimensional object collections, and has worked in museums, libraries, and archives. She is the author of numerous articles on the subject of film music. Her first book, Settling the Score: Music and the Classical Hollywood Film University of Wisconsin Press, situates the film score of the classical Hollywood studio period in terms of historical, theoretical, and musical contexts.

He is the author of several essays on Hollywood film, including two contributions to The Classical Hollywood Reader. Most recently, he has been creating video essays about camera movement in Hollywood. His most recent book is A Companion to D. Griffith Wiley-Blackwell, , and his current project, co-authored with Denise McKenna and under contract to University of California Press, examines the origins of Hollywood.

She is currently writing a biography on the life and career of screenwriter-producer Joan Harrison, forthcoming in In addition to his work on industry institutions of the classical Hollywood era, he has published on genre cycles and transformations in the postwar years, on industrial films during the s consolidation of the studio system, and on the norms and work practices of studio-era editing departments.

Prior to joining TIFF in , Theresa worked on various archival, curatorial and community outreach projects and educational initiatives at museums, festivals and universities in Toronto, Chicago and Orlando.

Thomas Schatz is the author of four books on Hollywood cinema, all of which deal with the classical era — albeit from different perspectives. Boom and Bust: American Cinema in the s examines Hollywood films and filmmaking during a crucial decade-long period, from the height of the so-called Golden Age to the postwar collapse of the industry.

Tracing the Borders of Spanish Horror Cinema and Television : Jorge Mari :

University of Texas Press, Aside from classical Hollywood cinema, his research interests include the contemporary film industries, cult film and television, and the American comic industry. With Steven Rybin, he co-edited Lonely Places, Dangerous Ground SUNY Press, , a collection of twenty essays on the films and career of director Nicholas Ray that also includes a interview published in English for the first time in its entirety.

Currently, Will is writing a book on actress Gene Tierney. Applying Marxist materialist historiography and economic theory to the Hollywood industry, she organized well-known and also unexplored facts into a coherent explanation of why this worldwide dominant industry operates as it does. Professor Staiger avoids economic-only explanations to this industry.

She also emphasized the impact of discourse. Since , she has outlined an approach to individual agency within complex socio-cultural conditions. These imperatives work well within Hollywood because it tends to reward innovation within its norms of practice and recognizes self-projection behaviors. She is also an Egyptologist, having worked eleven seasons at the site of Tell el-Amarna, and is working on a book on the royal statuary of Amarna.